Hello winter cards!

Kids and parents alike love this project, created by stamping with sliver and white paint and using lots of glitter. These festive cards are perfect for someone special this winter.

winter card projectThis project goes hand-in-hand with last week’s project, stamped boxes. Winter themed cards can be used in conjunction with the box to give a gift to for the December holidays or to send New Year’s greetings.   When we make these cards, there is glitter everywhere in the studios and everything is festive!

Age Level: 2.5 years and up


  • Work on stamping skills
  • Fine motor control, especially in sprinkling glitter


  • Black construction paper (8.5 x 10”)
  • Silver and white paint (gold and/or blue can also be used)
  • Cookie cutters in snowflake shapes, various sizes, one per child
  • Small sponge pouncers (sometimes called “spouncers”), or q tips if you can’t find them, one per child1257559861635_RL1636-1
  • Condiment cups
  • Paper plates
  • labels

Teacher Preparation:

  • Fold paper in half to make cards
  • Place thin layer of paint on paper plates, one per every two students. A thin layer works best for successful stamping – too much paint will result in blobby stamps.
  • Arrange cookie cutters and round paintbrushes on trays
  • Put glitter in condiment sized cups, again one per every two students. Use a small amount – a little goes a long way, and you can always refill them if needed.
  • Write each student’s name on a label so you can easily label their artwork during class time.
  • Make sample project.


Show students a sample card and explain they will be making winter themed cards by stamping snowflakes onto black paper. (We often have a stamping station with ink and stampers during the earlier part of the class so the children get the concept of stamping and some practice before we start this project.) Demonstrate dipping a cookie cutter into the silver paint and pressing it onto the paper to create a shape. Also show them how to use a pouncer to create a circle print on their card. Finally demonstrate sprinkling glitter onto the card, and how it sticks to the wet paint.the messy artist

Place the trays with the cookie cutter and pouncers on the supply table, and direct the students to walk over and select one of each.art class for kids nj

While they are doing this, hand out the black paper cards (unfolded and placed so that the children will be stamping on the outside). Then deliver the palettes to the table, placing one between every two children.

nj kids art class kids winter card projectHave them start stamping, walking around and helping if needed. This is usually done in one of our caregiver and me classes, so the students can get help from them as well if needed.

Once some children have completed stamping, hand out the cups of glitter and remind them to sprinkle it over the wet paint.

new jersey art classes for kidsWhile the students are working, place a nametag on their project.

gift project for kids to makeThese cards take time to dry. When dry, fold, and save to give back during the next class session. The kids and parents alike love these projects!toddler art project fun cards for kids to make

hello winter trees resist project!

toddler art class north jerseyOur Storybook Art class combines two favorites activities: reading and making art. Each week we read a new children’s book and create art inspired by the story and its artwork. We savor the words and analyze the illustrations in each book, enjoying them completely at the start of each class.

We focus on books that have a particular relevance to the season or some other aspect of an event currently occurring in the children’s lives. In our long and snowy winter, we read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen. This gorgeous and evocative book called for a special winter-themed project.imgres

We found it in a project on a website we admire: Art Projects for Kids, run by Kathy Barbro. This Winter Birch Trees Project is a watercolor tape resist project that results in multi-textured and layered artworks. And wow, did these ever turn out great!winter themed kids art projectprocess art for kids

One of our head teachers, Fran, did this in her classes one week and adapted it slightly for her sessions. Here is what she had to say:

I followed the main ideas of the project, but did a few things a little differently:

  1. When we taped the borders of the paper, we actually taped them down to the table. This helped by keeping their projects in place while they were taping their trees, etc.best art class kids north nj
  2. We tore the tape to create the trees (this gave them a more natural look); though a couple of the younger kids cut the tape because they had too much trouble tearing.
  3. Everyone cut the moon out.  Since it was too difficult to cut the tape into moon shapes (it kept sticking to itself), we first stuck tape onto contact paper.  Then we cut the moon shape from that, and the slick surface of the contact paper allowed us to peel the tape from it and then stick it on the paper.
  4. We used pure liquid watercolor paint (not watered down) to paint the whole thing – to achieve a dark night time look.the messy artist fine art classes
  5. We sprinkled the sea salt, to change the texture and create “sparkling stars” in their night skies.
  6. We blow-dried them so we could finish it in one class period (the paintings need to be dry before you can peel off the tape).art class camp party new jersey
  7. We splatter painted the snowflakes at the end: the kids used slightly watered down white acrylic paint, and while holding their brushes above their pictures tapped the brushes against their free hand to put some snowflakes into their pictures.process oriented art for children

This was a really great project to teach, and for the kids to experience. I particularly loved that it involved using several different watercolor techniques, all very achievable even for my youngest students, giving a great finished painting for each and every student. It was also an opportunity to talk about positive and negative space.resist painting for kids

While we were working it was wonderful hearing their excitement and exclaim, “Wow, look at this”, “Oh, look at my trees!”‘ “Oh cool!”, while they were peeling off the tape for the big reveal!nj art studio for children art studio for kids nj art from childrens books

hello hearts!

process oriented art for childrenThis is a sweet and fun project for kids to do around Valentine’s Day. Every time we do this symmetry painting project, the kids get very excited as they unfold their hearts. They love discovering how the paint has transferred and mixed into a new design.

Click here to download a lesson plan of Heart Symmetry Painting Lesson Plan.

Age Level:  3-5 years


  • To learn about symmetry
  • To explore painting with unusual tools and methods (sticks instead of paintbrushes, and folding an rubbing to create painting)
  • To talk about Valentine’s Day and making things for people we love

the messy artist fine art classes for kidsMaterials:

  • Construction paper
  • Tempera paint in coordinating colors/shades (we used pink, purple and white)
  • Small plastic cups for paint
  • Small wooden craft sticks
  • Plastic tray (we use take out container lids) to keep the paint in place

valentine project for kidsTeacher Preparation:

  • Fold paper in half, then cut hearts out. We use a template to make sure all are the same.
  • Put paint into cups, one set per every two children
  • Put craft sticks out, one per color per child


Show the students an example of a finished project. Tell them briefly about Valentine’s Day (“we like to show the people we love that we care in special ways on this holiday”). Also explain that we will be painting not with brushes, not with our fingers, but with sticks and by rubbing today.

Show the students a folded heart, then open it. Explain that it is symmetrical – the same on both sides. See if they can think of any other symmetrical things (our bodies, a square, an apple).

Next demonstrate dipping a stick into paint and then tap, tap, tapping it onto one side of the heart.   Put a few colors on and then fold the heart in half. Rub it and ask for some special magic words. (Kids usually come up with “Abracadabra” or “Shazam”. Sometimes someone says “Please”.)heart painting project for children

Open the heart to reveal how the paint is now on both sides, in a symmetrical pattern.

Have the children go pick out their paper hearts from a nearby supply table.

art class party and camp north jeerseyWhile they are doing this, place the paints on the table.

art class for toddlers new jersey fine art class for kids morris county nj the messy artist art class njWalk around encouraging the kids to tap their paint onto the hearts. The more paint they use, the more dramatic the reveal after they fold and rub.

The kids can add more paint and fold again and again if they wish.

north nj fine art class for tweensMake sure to unfold all hearts so that the paint will cry – otherwise they will stick together. As these usually take some time to dry, we send them home the next class session.

heart art project with symmetry for kidsHappy Valentine’s Day!