For the student who is passionate about art, this class builds on the skills acquired in previous TMA classes. Participants will immerse themselves in the world of art for a full year (September – June) of exercises, skill building, and critical thinking. We delve beyond the basic principles and tackle philosophical components of art creation and meaning. Students can expect to experiment with various media while learning the technical skills necessary to create beautiful and meaningful works of art.

**Admission to this class is based upon completion of any two classes offered for 1st grade or higher AND approval from the Fine Art Director.**

AFI classes feature three sections, including drawing, painting, and sculpture. In addition to merely focusing on technical skills, we will introduce the concept of the audience, and the idea that all art is a dialogue between an artist and their viewer. Throughout the year, we will discuss various strategies for evoking specific emotional responses in an audience, and how to do so with the various forms of art.  We will hold critiques often, so that students can evaluate their peers’ art, and offer their comments, suggestions and praise. Students can expect to work on one larger “final” project. They will also be given a required materials list, in addition to some recommended materials, which they will be asked to bring to each class. Throughout the year, students may also  be asked to purchase some additional materials for more personalized projects.

As AFI students level up, they will be asked to put their skills to practical use. Of course, we will still create some fine art pieces, but we will also be discussing how the knowledge the students have acquired can be utilized in the real world. We will explore and experiment with different art applications such as interior design, graphic design, and special effects makeup. At some point during the year, each student will be expected to prepare and teach a lesson to another class at The Messy Artist. Some projects may require that additional material be brought in from home.

In addition, AFI students are invited to our annual field trips to museums or galleries in the NY/NJ area. They also close out the year with an AFI gallery show at TMA.