Hello Art Therapy!

For a long time now I have been going back and forth about the concept of Art Therapy. When I first came across this form of both mental and physical treatment I thought to myself, “Drawing, coloring, painting? Something that brings excitement to children can actually be a form of medical treatment? But how?” With a coffee in my right hand, I searched the web for hours trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together to find out how effective this treatment actually is.

As I hoped it would, it turned out that art therapy is not only one of the leading treatments for children facing a diverse range of challenges, but it also helps adults suffering from stress, depression and other problems. Since Mother’s Day was around the corner and my mother is by far the MOST difficult person to buy for, I didn’t hesitate when choosing an adult coloring book.

This was perfect because about two years ago my grandmother took a fall down an escalator, leading her to end up in a wheelchair. After the accident it turned out that she needed 24-hour care, which included somebody to bath her, make her meals and so on. For the last year, that person has been my mother.

With that said, a mountain of stress had been placed upon my mother’s shoulders that was growing with each day. So, my solution was to buy her a Mother’s Day gift that would allow her to de-stress, which ended up being this adult coloring book. (I provided the picture below of the one I bought with the colored pencils too).

With a stubborn grandmother and hot-headed mother spending countless hours together, you could bet that there needed to be something to calm the water. Nevertheless, I ended up buying another book for my grandmother and truthfully, it was the best 18 dollars I have ever spent. I am not going to lie, my mother’s first response was, “Adrianna, I don’t have time for this! I have to cook the pasta, the meatballs, clean the bathroom, the shower… blah blah blah” But after just a week with the coloring books, my mother said that she hadn’t felt so peaceful in a long time.

My point is that art therapy is unlike any other form of therapy or medication. It is pure. It is healthy. And ultimately, it has the power to help children (and adults) express things that they do not have the words alone to do.

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