Hello rectangle collages!

nj kids art class party campThese bright projects focus on our featured shape of the week: the rectangle.  Adding fun touches like purple glue and using silicone brushes introduce some unexpected touches to the collage.

Click here to download  Rectangle Collage Lesson Plan.

Age Level: 3-5


  • Learn about rectangles
  • Develop cutting skills
  • Follow directions
  • Develop gluing skills

north nj art class for children


  • Construction paper of different coordinating colors (we used orange, green,
  • purple and yellow)
  • White glue
  • Liquid watercolor paint
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Brushes for glue (we have some fun green silicone ones)
  • Containers for glue (we use takeout containers, and if there is leftover glue, snap the lid on to save for another class)

art lesson plan for kids presechool

Teacher Preparation:

  • Cut construction paper into 1/2″ strips, making at least 3 per student
  • Cut white paper in half length-wise (4 1/2” x 11”) and write each studentʼs name on
  • the back. Write the word “Rectangle” on the front
  • Mix liquid watercolor paint into glue to create a complimentary color to
  • construction paper (we chose purple) and put into containers, one per every 2 kids

art lesson plan for kidsProcedures:

Show the kids an example of the finished project. Explain that today they will be working with rectangles: a box shape with 4 sides, with 2 longer than the others.

They will have rectangle paper and be gluing rectangles – that they create! –onto it.

fine art class for kids toddlers preschool elementary schoolA big part of this lesson is helping to get the kids comfortable in their scissor skills. First we show them how to keep their “thumbs up” when putting their fingers into the scissors. Then we show them how to “take a bite of the paper” with their scissors. It really helps beginning cutters to have their caregiver hold the strip of paper for them. As they get more advanced, they can hold it themselves in the other hand.

Have the children head to the supply table to pick up two strips of paper.

Pass out the scissors and help the children cut the strips of paper into rectangles.

best art class for kids njOnce most kids have a pile of about 20 or so, show them how they will be brushing the glue onto their paper and “tap, tap, tapping” their rectangles on to get them to stick.

Pass out the white papers with their names on them.

Have them walk to the supply table to get a brush, and hand out the glue containers while they are up.

children art amp class party nre jerseyEncourage them to brush on lots of glue and stick on their cut rectangles.

the messy artistThese projects take a while to dry and can go home the next class session.

lesson plan kids art collage


Author: hellokidsart

The Messy Artist is a special place to create art. We offer year-round art classes for children 18 months through adulthood. In addition to art classes from September through June, we offer summer art camp and Drop-In and Play art activities for kids between our regular sessions. Our bright, colorful studio is also the perfect place for a kid’s birthday party! The Messy Artist children’s art center was created and designed by Owner/Director Donna Bernstein, a professional educator and artist. The curriculum is inspired and guided by Donna’s teaching experience and research in child development, as well as her passion for art. At The Messy Artist, art lessons for kids entertain and enrich their brains, bodies, and hearts.

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